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Bus Routes List

Bus Administrator Contact:

Ryan Hinkleman 828-456-2403 Ext. 5603


  • If you need updated information about late buses, make sure you are signed up to receive those notifications via Connect 5. Please call the front office at 828-456-2403 to get signed up for these phone calls.
  • As each school year begins, here are a few points to remember. All new BUS  riders and those with address changes must submit a WMS Bus Rider Request form in order to be assigned to a bus. If you switch schools either by choice or by promoting to middle, then you are a new bus rider for WMS. Please submit a WMS Bus Rider Request in order to receive bus service. The form is available by links on this page.
  • Bus stops are created at specific designated locations and bus drivers must adhere to their route directions and stop locations. Please do not ask your bus driver to make additional stops. Student bus information will come from your child’s school. Some stops may change each year as students move in and out of an area so always check with the school when school starts each year to re-confirm this information. WMS is dedicated to providing safe and effective transportation for all eligible students to and from the closest designated bus stop location from and to home. The school’s assistant principal is the bus administrator for your child’s school.
  • If your address has changed, please go to your child’s school with the proper documentation and fill out a student information change form as well as a new transportation request.

WMS has Bus Rider Expectations and students are expected to follow them:

  • Bus stop times are approximate, so please make sure your students are at their designated stops in plenty of time to be ready for the bus to arrive. The general rule is to be ready 10 mins of either side of your time. Bus drivers do not honk to let you know they are there and can not wait if your child is not at the bus stop.
    Please go to NC School Bus Safety  for more school bus information and activities.



Do I need to request a bus for my child?

Only new students, students who have had a change of address, or students who have changed schools will need to complete a bus rider request form. All other students who have already been placed on a bus during the 2020-2021 school year will continue their placement. NO NEW REQUEST necessary. 

All NEW REQUESTS~Please note: If requesting a stop other than the home address, the address for the STOP requested MUST be noted in POWERSCHOOL either as the home address or listed under the students contacts.  Contact your child’s school to add that information.
WMS Bus Rider Request Form

After you complete the form, you will be contacted by the school to verify stop times and bus number. At this time, you may also ask any other pertinent questions about bus transportation.


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